Google Power Searching- helping students search the web

Although the majority of us use Google everyday, we are probably not using it to its full potential. Everyone is aware of how to do a quick Google search but Google power searching can help you get the exact results you are looking for and more quickly.

Google power search is basically where you can refine your search to get exactly what your are looking for and what is relevant to you. For example if you type in “Washington Harvey Eastman” on Google you will see this search tools icon which is circled on the image below.

Once you click on the search tools icon, you can filter your search so that only the information that is relevant to you is available. All information that is not relevant and applicable to you can be filtered out of the search which makes it easier for your when looking through the rest of the content.

There are also other ways of Google power searching. If you want to search for a specific phrase put all the word together in quotation marks. This is very beneficial if you can only remember part of something and not the whole thing. For example if you can not remember a name of a book, you can put key lines in quotation marks and Google will find you name of the book.

The operator “filetype” is also a useful mechanism of Google power searching. For example you could narrow your results to include only PDFs by using filetype:pdf at the end of your search.

Google image search is also very useful and allows you to filter images by sizes, colours, types, time and usage rights.

All in all Google Power searching is very beneficial in helping students search the web. It helps filter the search so that the content that is shown is more likely to be relevant to student needs and also students will be able to access the information that they require more quickly. This is helpful particularly when students are working on assignments and need to find relevant information to what is required in the assignment brief.

Image showing the search tools icon:-


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