A guide to setting up your own website

In this increasingly technological world that we live in almost all business’s have some sort of online presence and therefore it is important for a new small/medium enterprise (SME) starting up to establish an online presence as quickly as possible in order to be able to compete with its competitors. Here is a step by step guide on how to create your own website.

Firstly you have to choose the best website building platform. This is what you build your website with. The 3 most popular site building platforms in order of popularity  are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla respectively. I would advise a business to run their website on the WordPress platform as this is quick, free and simple for beginners. WordPress is also the most popular website building platform and has over 50% of new users.

Step 2- To get a new website online you will need a domain name and a service that connects your site to the internet (hosting). As mentioned above the WordPress platform itself is free but a domain name and hosting will cost you, however this is only a small fee per month.

Having your own domain name will look more professional, there are a range of domain names out there but the most common for the UK are .com and .co.uk.  The domain must be relevant to the business and having your own one is very affordable. Likewise, having your own hosting will also ensure your website loads quickly and will not go down for long periods. When choosing your domain name as well as it being relevant think of other factors such as is it catchy, is it memorable can you use it to help create a brand ? Most importantly make sure your domain name reflects your business.

Step 3- is to set up your WordPress account. As WordPress is a good site for beginners we will use this website. You need to install WordPress and if you are struggling  to install it, here is a link which shows you how to do it:- http://websitesetup.org/how-to-sign-up-with-bluehost/

Once WordPress has been installed to your domain you can choose a theme/template for your site. There are thousands and thousands professionally designed themes you can choose from. Again themes should be related to your company and chosen on the basis of what is best for the business’s image , not the owners personal preference.

Once you have chosen a template and installed a theme it is time to add content. To add content, look along the sidebar in the WordPress dashboard for pages and click add new. Once you have clicked this you can then add text, images and other things to create the page you want for your business.

This a link  which explains further and in more detail how to set up a website:- http://websitesetup.org/






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