How blogging helps with student reflection

After any piece of work it is important for students to reflect on what they have done. This includes things that they have done well and things that could be improved upon and done differently in the future when facing a similar situation. Reflection is also a key part of the learning process. When a piece of work has been completed and handed in, but nothing more is done then it is likely that a student will forget about it and in the long term no learning would have been acquired. However reflecting on the piece of work, reading feedback and identifying areas for improvement in the future will be greatly beneficial in the learning process.

Blogging is another way of student reflection. Blogging is ideal for reflection as it allows students to actively reflect on their work while it is still fresh in their minds. Blogging can be done weekly and therefore after each lesson students can do their blog whilst and the content of the lesson is still very fresh in their mind giving them the best possible chance of a fair reflection. Another benefit of writing blogs whilst events are still fresh in the mind is that the blogs emotion can be increased as the students reflecting on a situation as it happens will lead to a very true reflection of students thoughts and concerns. The content of the blog will be fresh and the blog is likely to be very representative of the bloggers actual thoughts and feelings. In contrast a blog done along time after the activity has taken place maybe less representative of the bloggers feelings.

Blogging also involves writing for readers and although there may only be a small amount of readers it means students will take more care in their writing and think about what they are writing about in greater detail than if they were writing a piece just for themselves. Greater detail in thinking and writing will lead to greater reflectiveness of students.

It is rare for students to actually have time to reflect, there is lots of new content being taught but little time to sit down and digest this content. It is very important to sit down and actually reflect on this content and blogging creates this perfect platform for reflection. It gives a student an ideal chance to sit down, digest the content and figure out what it actually means and will help students engage with the content and create an emotional connection to the information.

Blogging will also help students reflect on what other students have learnt. By reading fellow students blogs, students can see what peers have learned which can help students to refine their own ideas and learn from their fellow peers


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