SEO- how does it help the SME compete?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s results. It is of course better the earlier and more frequent a business’s site appears in the search results list and this is because the higher the ranked on the search results page your site it the more chance visitors will have of clicking on it and viewing it. For example if a business can optimise its position on search engines such as Google it will get more hits and ultimately be more successful.

Search engine optimisation considers how search engines work, what sort of things people are searching for over the internet and most importantly the actual search terms that are being typed into the search engines. Also what is the most popular search engine amongst a business’s target audience.

To improve search rankings you must understand what kind of content your potential customers are looking for and require. The content of your site must fit with their desires and expectations and make the content easy for customers to share. The content must also be of high quality and must be updated on a regular basis.

Search engine optimisation helps small and medium enterprises (SME’s) to compete with larger and more wealthier business’s such as limited companies who can take advantage of benefits such as economies of scale and access to greater finance. Search engine optimisation is the activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings and if an SME can improve its search engine ranking and ensure their site is one of the first that appears it will really help in building the business’s online presence.

Nearly all business’s have an online presence and therefore it is important for SME’s to follow suit and try to maximise their online presence in order to be able to compete. The higher your business is up on the search list when customers type in key words relating to your firm the more chance there is of competing and gaining a competitive advantage.

It has been found that many people, when searching on Google do not even scroll down to the second page and therefore it is vital for SME’s who rely so much on organic searches to get their site on the first page of the search at the very least.

For SME’s it is quite straight forward, as the business is small and relatively unknown people will not visit your site by name and therefore in order to remain competitive it is imperative to get your name near or at the top of the search.



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