The Benefits of using WordPress as a blogging tool

There are many different blogging tools and sites that we can use to do a blog but WordPress has many benefits and is popular. Here are some of the benefits of using WordPress as a blogging tool:-


One advantage of WordPress is it is a secure blogging site. A major concern for bloggers is security and without site updates, sites can become vulnerable. However WordPress is regularly releasing software updates which improves both security and functionality and this therefore reduces the risk of someone accessing your site.

Ease of use-

Another advantage of using WordPress is that it is significantly easier to use than its competitors. It is easy, quick and simple to add new content and it is straight forward to add, edit or remove anything with a few clicks and for non- techy people like myself, it is very easy to pick up without too much practice.


WordPress offers plenty opportunities for customisation, allowing the opportunity for bloggers to create their own look. and there are lots of templates available that can be used for a WordPress site which again allows bloggers to make their site unique.

Connection with readers-

Another important benefit, is that WordPress plugins allow bloggers to connect with readers via social media platforms which will enable bloggers to try and build long lasting relationships.

Content Control-

With some blogging platforms, bloggers have to follow their rules for the content you post on their site, however with WordPress you have complete control over the type of content you post.

Publishing Options-

With regards to publishing options, if you have to fit blogging in with a variety of other activities and you have a busy schedule, it is extremely helpful to have a scheduling option within your blogging software. Many of the blogging platforms do not allow you to schedule posts or even change the dates on your posts. This means that they are unsuited to bloggers who want to be organised and post their blogs in advance of a certain schedule. For example if a blogger is going on holiday and therefore wants to complete the blog post before they go, WordPress allows you to schedule your posts so that blogs remain up to date in the bloggers absence which is a very useful feature as regular content is good for building relationships.




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